Self Care Coaching

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What is Self Care?

To simply put, self-care is the art of establishing personal responsibility for self physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. Practicing self-care is being preventative, not getting selfish.

Why Is It Important?

Lack of self-care has a bad impact on the overall health of the body, leads to stress, worries, and life dissatisfaction. Cortisol, stress hormones are released in the body diluting the strength of the immune system, thus making the body far more susceptible to illness & disease.

If you don’t invest time in yourself, having health habits, eating well, you are going to run yourself with the prospect of developing chronic health problems.

Why Is It Especially Important for Women?

In comparison to men, women are more susceptible to immune system failure-related illnesses such as thyroid disorders, ailments often are often exacerbated by stress. In ladies, lack of self-care is quite prominent, leaving them anxious, depressed, and less productive.

Ladies carry a greater mental & emotional burden in contrast to men, this is because they have their responsibilities in managing the home and taking care of each member of the family. The Lotus center regularly organizes social activities, they manage their kids, the meals, and the list is just about endless.

Most of the women have a tendency of giving greater priority to their family over self-care. Even, though if you don’t have just about any time for yourself, looking after your health cannot be overlooked.

Self Care

Here Are Some Self-Care Suggestions:

Find time for friends – Laughter is the best medicine.

Learn to say ‘no’ and set boundaries. Identify situations where you habitually say ‘yes’ and notice if you become resentful – this is a clear sign that you have taken on too much.

Learn meditation to help you out when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Accept help from friends, family members, and professionals so you can have a break for a few minutes, hours or a day or two. Learn to delegate.


Half an hour exercise daily will help you attain a balance of physical & emotional well-being. You can go swimming; yoga or even a walk can be a great idea to relax the body and mind.

  1. Be Your Own Best Pal
    Make a list of activities or hobbies that you used to enjoy.
  2. Let Yourself Be Cared For
    An energy healing or massage session will let you accomplish a sense of well-being.

Talk It Over

Consult Daniela, a certified energy healing practitioner to help you out managing your stresses, and lack of self-love to achieve a healthier and satisfying life with a holistic approach.

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