Law of Attraction

One of the most powerful parts of the human body is the Mind. Our thoughts have the biggest influence in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This supports the fact that it’s our responsibility for maintaining healthy wellbeing. Our health conditions are simply a manifestation of our inner thoughts and beliefs, whether they are conscious or unconsciously thought, which completely influence our decision on whether we choose to accept premature aging or illness into our bodies or not.

What is the Law of Attraction?

It is a secret behind all the impossible-becoming-possible in the world. The Law of Attraction keeps it simple – you attract what you think. Whatever you put your thoughts on will be attracted to you. The Universe is like a magnet for us. If we send out positive thought, it will send in the same vibes. That’s why it is said that Keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not what you don’t want! If you are planning for a big presentation, focus on how to make it better rather than worrying about the things which can go wrong.

Law of Attraction is a form of energy healing, where you are using the energy of your thoughts to influence your life and health for the better. For Instance, if you place your thoughts on what’s going good in your life, you’ll attract more of the same. However, if you focus on what’s going wrong in your life, or what you don’t have, that’s what you’ll attract in your life.

Law of Attraction tells us that, within our minds, we have the power to choose our thoughts, whether positive or negative. This can affect our mental and physical health. With our mind and thoughts, we can build exceptional healing abilities.

Law of Attraction and Health

The mind plays a very important part in the process of physical recovery of the body. Modern science also supports the law of attraction phenomenon. Modern medicines and medical intervention have an important part to play in the healing process. When they are combined with the remarkable capabilities of the mind, it enhances the healing process and helps in maintain log-lasting health.

Here’s how you can use the Law of Attraction in manifesting improved health

1. Go Stress-Free

Stress is #1 illness-causing phenomenon which our mind experiences now and then. Invest in good health by eliminating all forms of physiological stress and negative thoughts. Don’t worry about already gone bad health condition. Instead, stay stress-free and focus on the healing process.

2. Manifest Self-Love

Your body is perfect. Practice self-love by working on your body image in your mind. You are already on the path of improved health if you have started to love your body by all means. If you are dealing with weight issues, try changing your attitude towards weight loss. If you categorize yourself simply into just ‘Fat’ or ‘Thin’ or dislike how you look in the mirror, try changing your thoughts the next time you come across a mirror. Once you begin to train your thoughts, you can learn and experience how positive thinking affects your body-image and boosts your health.

3. Mindful Eating

Are you an emotional eater? Are you dealing with weight issues and regret eating too much? When it comes to weight issues, the Law of Attraction works in the same way. Eat mindfully. Rather than focusing on the plate, focus on your thoughts about eating. Law of attraction says that don’t think about what you don’t want. Instead, focus on what you want from life. Instead of worrying about eating and gaining weight, focus on the thoughts of eating and managing weight. Our minds inform us when we need to diet; help us in exploring all of the illnesses and dangers to our health. Only you are in control of what happens to your body. Maintain a strong, positive mind and see your health improve.


A-    A goal describes the big picture of what you want in a particular field, and intention is the ‘WHY’ you want to achieve this. An intention is the first step that will motivate you to achieve your goal.

A-    It depends on your thinking power and mindset. The sooner you learn to master your thoughts and channelize them in a positive direction, the faster you will be able to manifest something related to those thoughts.

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