Event details
Date: July 23, 2020
Location: Embassy Conference Centre
Address: 824-826 George St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Phone: 0449689363

This holistic interactive development event is about manifesting what you desire, connecting with your true calling and reaching your abundant goals

Learn how to manifest a healthy, joyful and successful life

Do you ask yourself what your purpose of life is? How to achieve financial abundance with your talents or how to make your dreams come true? Wherever you are on your life journey, with the powerful law of attraction manifestation tools, the universe can give you what you desire to manifest your visions, goals and dreams.

But how are we meant to know how to create abundance, attract in our ideal partner, or have the health we want? The moment you get to know how to consciously create the life you desire, despite external influences and how to work through the comfort zone or the fear, everything will change.

This is an interactive event with like minded people who want to learn the step by step process to create abundance, beautiful relationships, a business or workplace to thrive and a healthy life. You will be guided through the manifestation process, how to create what you want, what to do and what not to do. We will use the power of intention, our intuition and the universal laws to help us release self-sabotaging thoughts that can prevent us from achieving our goals. This will allow us to create space for our visions so we can live a life beyond our biggest dreams.

Date And Time:

7:00 PM

The program of the evening will be:

Opening with practical law of attraction tips
What is the zone of genius and how do we get there
Working with manifestation tools to release deep rooted self-limiting beliefs
A relaxing healing session with guided mediation
Closing with a sharing circle.

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What you could learn:

  • How to get closer to your goals daily with valuable tips
  • How to work with the law of attraction to co-create the life of your dreams
  • How to gain confidence in your decision making
  • How to know and trust that they are the right decisions
  • How to find fulfillment and prosperity by following your passion
  • How to break through fears, doubts and judgments to create the life you desire by shifting your thoughts with visualization techniques
  • How to find out more about your zone of genius, your gifts and your inner calling

Join us in this interactive development event if you would like to:

  • Enhance your general well-being
  • Improve your physical health
  • Release negative self-limiting belief patterns
  • Feel more accomplished, inspired and energised
  • Improve your relationships
  • Come closer to your achievements
  • Connect with your future self
  • Find inner peace

What to bring:

  1. Please bring your own cushion and yoga mat/blanket
  2. Wear comfortable clothes
  3. Bring your pen and journal to make notes

Please drink plenty of water on the day. If possible do not eat too much oily, preferably light food before the session.

No physical touching is required during this event.

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