Event details
Date: March 12, 2020
Location: Embassy Conference Centre
Address: 824-826 George Street Sydney
Phone: 0449689363
Event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/heal-your-heart-with-the-power-of-mother-earth-tickets-97978461215

This healing event is about rejuvenating with nature

Heal Your Heart With The Power Of Mother Earth

Do you feel disconnected with yourself and others? Do you find it hard to wind down and relax? Many of us are deeply energetically connected to earth without being aware of it due to increased stress.

As we begin to heal our heart centre, we can improve our relationships, create more peace and higher awareness.

In this Mother earth – Heart healing event you can learn simple, practical, techniques that can help you to deepen your heart connection, to release challenging situations and lingering pain to live a life beyond your greatest dreams.

We will be united with the plant medicine of Cacao to honour the earth and strengthen the wisdom of our hearts. Cacao stimulates and opens the heart centre and can therefore assist in experiencing feelings of peace, mental clarity and heart healing.

Date And Time:

7:00 PM

The program of the evening will be:

Opening with practical grounding techniques
Simple heart connecting activities and movement
Intention setting and connecting with our breath
Cacao ceremony with gratitude prayer
A beautiful unconditional love energy healing session
Closing with a sharing circle.

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What you could learn:

  • How to communicate and connect with Mother Earth
  • Why grounding is important and how to ground
  • How to find fulfillment in nature
  • Why we are all connected
  • How to connect deep with the wisdom of our hearts
  • How nature can heal our hearts and relationships

Join us in this heart healing event if you would like to:

  • Enhance your general well-being
  • Improve your physical health
  • Release negative self-limiting belief patterns
  • Let go of your past traumas
  • Access higher states of consciousness
  • Improve your relationship with the Spirit of Mother Earth
  • Experience divine transformation
  • Strengthen compassion to yourself and others
  • Find inner peace
  • Discover the deep inner connection with your higher self in nature
  • and much more..

What to bring:

  1. Please bring your own cushion and yoga mat/blanket
  2. Wear comfortable clothes
  3. Bring your pen and journal if you like to make notes

Please drink plenty of water on the day. If possible don’t eat too much, preferably light food before the session.

If you are pregnant, on anti-depressants or have a heart condition it is recommended to not have cacao.

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