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This virtual global healing meditation 10/10 is about bringing unity and peace to the collective during the 10:10 portal

Together as one we unite for the global unity mediation

Take this moment of global meditation to bring peace to our planet earth by connecting with the healing power of the universal life force and the core of mother earth.

The goal of this collective healing meditation is to bring humanity together in unity and peace by meditating at the same moment.

We are now called to rise our vibrations and to create oneness with love in a world that is being divided. Stress and fear create division. But the opposite of fear is faith.

This global healing meditation helps the universal life force to go on the surfaces of the planet to awaken and heal the global human population from any fear, illness, negativity, trauma, and division.

It helps to extinguish and transform low frequencies into the most positive and highest vibration that leads us to connect with each other through unconditional love.

Together, we can combine our collective consciousness and experience that kindness spreads fast with the high frequency of love.

Pleas share, so others can join.

The more people are working together by doing this healing activation meditation, the more we can influence our higher power within to speed up the process of global healing and awakening.

You can either join us for the live global healing event with light code activation on the 10th October 2021 at 8:00pm AEDT (7:00pm AEST, Check your timezone here)

Link for the free live meditation event

For the free live healing event, you will be guided through this collective healing to channel together compassion, love, peace, and harmony that flows through us and is cleansing every part of your heart being and all beings around you.
Two meditation will take place during this gathering; Hosted by Kyron, light language channeler, Dani, reiki master and energy healer and Bianca, reiki healer. Greg and Sol will share a twin heart meditation and Tom will be playing his gifted soul music to create a frequency of love and oneness on earth.

We are using the opportunity to create a portal through which we will unify our collective consciousness that will encourage optimal ascension for the planet and help humanity unite to overcome the current global crisis.


OR you can intend to send pure love and revitalising energy to the earth and humanity by praying or meditating in your own individual way on the 10th of October, recommended at the same time at 8:00pm AEDT.

Meditation time zones:


How to prepare for the event:

*A great preparation is to drink plenty of water before and after the healing and to avoid alcohol/drugs if possible 24hrs before and after due to better outcome of energy flow ♾

*Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may also find it helpful to wear layers to keep as warm or cool as appropriate.

*Just find a comfortable spot, where you can lie down with a blanket and be undisturbed during the group healing session.

*You can also smudge your room, put a bowl of saltwater nearby and candles to create a nice atmosphere before we start, if you like.

*If possible don’t eat too much, preferably light food before the session.

About the facilitators: