Energy Healing in Sydney

What Is Energy Healing?

Already since ancient times existing, energy healing is a non-invasive therapy that envelopes the entire body, spirit, and mind. Energy healing is about making use of the universal force that flows through to heal the body, and this “breath of life” force in India is known as Prana, Chi in China, Mana in Polynesia, and Ki in Japan. It is a gentle, body-mind unification that in association with your in-built willingness with regards to one’s intentions works. The energy healing brings about positive changes in the body- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
In energy healing, the patient and the treatment are both energy and the energy healer assists the patient to heal himself by transmitting divine energy.

Did you know that energy healing doesn’t require physical touch? It can also be done remotely by distance healing.

The treatment of energy healing and holistic healing is about getting rid of the energy blockages that are leading to stiffness, pain, and illness or anxiety and depression and more. The result is an unobstructed energy flow through the body, the alignment of thoughts, speech and deeds.

Energy Systems In Your Body

That energy exists in the body and in every organ is not a scientific debate anymore. MRI, CAT Scans etc are created to diagnose illnesses based on reading the type of electromagnetic field evoked by the body and organs. Nowadays, anyone can see electromagnetic fields on the computer and it is no longer disputed that the body generates energy and can assist in diagnosing diseases. Many people are unaware of the energy fields within our body, yet the majority still say “I have run out of energy, I am so tired.” Energy consists in different types: Electricity, light, sound, heat, and the movement of large objects are all types of energy. The energy stored in molecules, called chemical energy, is another form. Energy fuels your body’s internal tasks, renews, constructs and maintains cells and body tissues, and helps the external activities that enable you to interact with the physical world.

In our body, we have eight main energy systems known as the Chakras (supplying energy to organs), the Meridians (transporting energy), the Aura (Protective energy cover), the Basic Grid (Basis of all energy systems), the Celtic Weave (Network of energy fields), the Five Rythms (Properties of elements), the Triple Warmer (fight-flight or freeze body response) and the Radiant Circuits (Regulating energy where needed the most)

How Energy Blockages Start and How To Clear Them

Lack of love, or the perception of lack of love is at the root of all illness. Fear, emotional shock, feeling lonely, and several other causes also contribute to energy disruptions. Already in childhood it is common to get negatively influenced by different authorities as well as bad experiences can accumulate into energy blockages. The energy field is constantly growing and changing, which could always lead to a possible energy interference or disease. 

At Holistic Healing Sydney, Daniela is happy to assist you to find out the possible reason of any energy blockages you may have, by finding the root of the cause and can support to maintain a proper energy flow and clearing.

How Can Energy Healing Help Me?

The energy healer will use his/her hands to establish an energy balance in the body and to remove the energy blockages. Thus, on the whole healing can achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being.

This energy healing process complements the conventional practices of health, and in combination with several techniques of health & healing. The procedure of energy healing is known to provide a faster, natural and effective relief from varies health problems, ranging from muscle tension, stress, physical pain to emotional trauma.

Reiki And Energy Healing

Reiki is now being practiced worldwide; it is an energy healing technique that has its roots in Japan. The different techniques of energy healing like Reiki uses a divine force to ensure ultimate effects. The primary aim of Reiki is to make sure that the harmony of energy in the body is restored. When the healer moves his/her hand over the patients body, he/she is transferring life force energy to repair the damages in the auric field and to restore the balances in the chakras. There are many other types of energy healing.