Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT tapping for chronic pain relief and emotional distress

If you’re suffering from physical pain for a long time and looking for a permanent effective solution, then you should consider the so-called Emotional Freedom Technique or ”EFT” or ”Tapping”. It is a fact that emotions play a huge role in causing and treating physical pain in our bodies. We naturally feel negative emotions as a result of stressors and demands of everyday life. When these emotions grow over time and remain suppressed, they can cause mental issues, leading to stress and pain.

What does evidence-based mean?

Evidence-Based treatment is a treatment that has been thoroughly evaluated in experimental evaluations, like randomized controlled trials, and shown to make a positive, statistically important difference in important outcomes.

EFT is a brief psychophysiological intervention combining elements of exposure and cognitive therapy and somatic stimulation. Tapping has been a helpful and effective holistic healing method for many conditions and could help with stress relief, chronic pain, phobias, anxiety, cravings, and more. This proves that EFT is scientifically valid and meets the criteria to be considered evidence-based.

What is Tapping?

Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology. It was developed by Roger Callahan in the 1980s and modified by Gary Craig. Many psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches, and individual users have adopted this powerful technique to treat pain, anxiety and depression, phobia, and other illnesses. This technique involves “tapping” on the meridian points of your body while saying certain statements which release the emotional blockages.

In recent years of treatment and psychology, a major push has been made for more evidence-based research, and the results have been amazing. Clinical research studies with EFT tapping are proving impressive results in a variety of areas such as relief from emotional problems, chronic pain, addictions, phobias, weight issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, athletic performance, and among other things. Tapping can also be shown online, over distance, and is a perfect remote healing tool.

Taping into Health

Learn Self Care And Self Love By tapping

The emotional Freedom Technique is a great tool for rewiring the brain and can therefore change any limiting belief patterns. It can not only get to the root of the cause but EFT also deactivates the self-sabotaging thought patterns like self-hate while bringing in self-love with positive affirmations instead. A successful tapping method includes self-love and self-acceptance affirmations to release any trapped emotions from past or current traumas. Tapping can be used as an ongoing self-care routine in front of the mirror when the practitioner provided specific tapping statements as homework after the EFT session.

Chronic Pain

Research has shown that treatment techniques like acupuncture and acupressure provide pain relief by increasing endorphin levels in the body. Since tapping lowers the cortisol level and engages acupressure points, it likely allows the body to release the endorphins that then relieve chronic pain.

The EmotionalĀ Freedom TechniqueĀ could get to the root cause of chronic pain more swiftly. Because tapping sends calming, relaxing signals directly to the amygdala of our brain, it may also help to dominate the brain’s negativity bias more rapidly. By using the tapping technique, we’re able to reprogram the brain to activate more positive experiences, such as pain relief, pleasure, stress relief, and relaxation.

Evidence-based EFT tapping is effective on bodily imbalances and issues like chronic pain and emotional distress. Consult with your doctor or therapist before pursuing the EFT treatment.