About My Story

I’m Daniela originally from Vienna and I have been working in the nursing field for over eight years. I always loved to help people, since I was a little girl and felt some deep satisfaction and happiness from it. Over time I more and more realised that I was missing the holistic approach and resources in the healthcare systems. Instead of seeing the whole person and the root cause, only the diagnosis was seen. Lack of staff has always been a big problem and I was not able to really help others to heal as I wanted to.

I slipped gradually into a dark hole of burnout and reached rock bottom by suffering increasingly from severe panic attacks, depression and anxiety. My cup was completely empty from extreme exhaustion, yet I could still see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I was holding onto my last hope.

I knew I needed help and reached out for professional psychological, medical help and had in addition some transforming energy healing sessions. With some time and support I could finally recover again and found natural ways to transform myself from within. I started to let go of all the dark thoughts which were pushing me down and fully surrendered until my heart was filled with love as I had never experienced it before. I was able to fully recover from what other people thought would be ‘my end’ and now I love to help others who are in a similar situation with natural methods which work well, fast and without side effects.

My hands started to feel energized and I could feel other people’s emotions, like I used to when I was a little child. I used to ignore my spiritual empathetic gifts most of my life, however now I know that these are gifts I can use, to get others back on track. My inner calling and biggest desires are to guide others to find inner peace, happiness and their loving, true self.

Certified Energy healing practitioner and certified Reiki Master

I chose holistic healing because I like to combine eastern and western methods as well as body mind and spirit. I am enrolled nurse, certified Energy healing practitioner, certified Reiki Master and happy to support you personally in every aspect.

I offer transformational selfcare/selflove management in combination with energy healing, intuitive guidance and practical spiritual advice for you to embrace your multidimensional self. During our healing sessions you will receive deep spiritual cleansing and can therefore release self limiting beliefs and can connect with the source of unconditional love to unfold your greatest potential.