20 Signs You’re A Healer And Don’t Know It

Written by on February 25, 2020

A person who uses holistic healing approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals is called a healer. If you too have been told by others, that it is soothing to be around you or you have felt that you should get into the career of healing, you may be an energy healer by nature. Everyone has their own unique spiritual gift to be able to help yourself, others and make a difference in the world.   

Here are 20 signs that will help you know if you’re a healer:

1. You feel highly empathetic

For you it is very normal to feel intense emotions of others and to understand how they feel within, because you can easily place yourself in the other persons situation. You often feel the pain, sadness or suffering of others and you feel responsible to help. You can also sense pleasant emotions that can come up. It can be challenging knowing whether they are your own emotions or not, because you pick them up like a sponge. This ability is called Clairsentience and means ‘clear feeling/clear sensing’.

2. You are an introvert

If you are a healer, you may have a hard time dealing with social situations. Superficial social interactions can drain your energy. However, you can be social with a small group of good friends, you can have deep and meaningful conversations with. If you feel that the noise, busyness, fast pace, social interactions, violence, greed, and other, worldly negative occurrences or emotions in society leave you exhausted, then chances are you might have sensitive psychic abilities. 

3. You are highly intuitive

Your intuition is always correct when it comes to decision-making. You just “know” when something feels right or wrong often in your gut, so you follow your instinct and don’t question it. Sometimes you just know but have no explanation why you know. This ability of knowing is also called Claircognizance.

4. You feel a connection with animals

You love spending time with animals, and perhaps this is the reason you are considering to become vegetarian or vegan. Some healers cannot eat any animal products, because they can literally feel their suffering.

Connection with Animal

5. Children love spending time with you

You feel that children are drawn towards you, and you also like spending some quality time. Children are very sensitive to energy and can observe easily positive vibrations. 

6. You can sense people’s physical ailments

Being able to sense emotions, energy or have the ability to read someone else just by their body language are some clear signs of being a healer. You might additionally be able to even feel other peoples physical illness on your own body and wonder where that came from. This is called physical empath or physical synesthesia.

7. You don’t get lost in the details

You focus on the big picture instead of minor, insignificant details. You use the “big picture” thinking to ensure optimal results in each aspect of your life. For you it is very easy to think rational and intuitive and can link the spiritual world together with the physical world. Everything makes more sense to you from a bigger perspective.

8. You experienced an awakening

Everything suddenly stopped, you came into the present moment or felt as if you just woke up from a lifelong sleep. You experienced an awakening, have a strong sense of oneness and believe that we are all connected by being one with the universe. Separation is just an illusion. Unfortunately the awakening is not always a pleasant experience and often comes after severe trauma or bad experiences of some kind. 

9. You like being alone

You are sensitive to noise, emotions and energies of other people, so you often enjoy being alone. You would rather have some self care time at your peaceful favourite place. Due to your experiences, you think it is often not very easy to find a good partner who accepts your sensibilities and would rather be alone if you cannot find an understanding and loving partner who takes you as you are.

10. You feel connected to nature

You feel like home when you are outdoors in nature and recharge your energy with some fresh air and sunshine. Many healers just love to hug trees or to talk with plants, because they feel understood and connected. Herbalism and Naturopathy has always been fascinating for you.

11. You can see things not everyone can see

If you can notice and perceive patterns or auras, this might be a sign of natural energy healing abilities. You may be able to see some sacred geometric patterns through your third eye or have visions about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. This ability is called clairvoyance and means ‘clear vision’.

12. You have vivid dreams

Energy healers may have notably vibrant dreams and nightmares. These dreams are often send by the universe as messages. Your hypersensitivity to emotions and energies can often have an insightful effect on your subconscious as you sleep. It also happened that you had visions of someone or a specific event and it became reality.

Vivid Dreams

13. You are a good listener

You might have noticed that people love having a conversation with you or telling you their stories, even if you don’t speak a word during the whole conversation. You just love to listen to interesting life stories and can understand others with your heart and your mind. 

14. You put the needs of others before yourself

You may often put the need of others before yourself, regardless of the inconvenience or risk of loss for yourself. It happened to you that you experienced burn outs because you have a tendency to sacrifice your health for others. Be careful not to overdo it and make sure you practice self love. 

15. People turn to you for advice

People are attracted to you for getting advice, guidance, and help in life. This is because you’re likely excellent at guiding others through the ups and downs of life. Often it is because of your own hardship in life and many experiences you learned from, that you can support others.

16. You receive messages

Some healers receive supernatural messages or downloads from the universe in various ways. Even electronics seem to act strange around you. You know that your guides are always with you and sometimes they communicate with you, when you give them permission. Many healers can also hear messages, as they come straight through, or by different pitches of sound. This ability is called clairaudience and means ‘clear hearing’.

17. Synchronicity is everywhere

Whenever you look at the time, the numbers are too often in synchronicity to be true. It’s often 11:11, 12:12, 33:33 etc. Synchronicity is related to Angel Numbers and they all have a different meaning. You see this more often when there is a universal message coming up or simply as a confirmation that everything is exactly as it should be and you are on the right path. Listen to your heart to understand what it means to you.

18. You can sense changes in weather

You may feel that you can detect changes in weather conditions sooner than the average person. And sometimes you feel it very intense on the emotional and physical level. You often feel more sensible than usual during the New Moon or Full Moon phases and during the planetary retrogrades.

19. You are sensitive to smell

All of a sudden you can smell a perfume fragrance, that was not there before, but nobody else can smell it. The smell reminds you of someone who has passed. Some healers can smell spirits and can get specific information about loved ones. You enjoy aromatherapy and calming, natural essential oils. This ability of psychic smelling, which is also possible across time and space is called Clairalience and means ‘clear smelling’.

20. You make people happy

When someone is sad, your empathetic instincts feel it instantly, even when the person is not near you. You have the ability to help boost their energy, leaving them feeling happy and healthy. Often you feel drained and exhausted because you carry the whole world on your shoulders, by giving others your energy too easily, without asking anything in return. 

Can healers heal themselves?

Being a healer is not easy, especially when energy work is involved. Therefore the most essential is to always fill the cup first before healing others. Nobody can give from an empty cup, which makes it a necessity for a successful healer to make sure that they get healed first and their energy levels are on top. Healers can certainly learn to heal themselves with practice. At beginning of the healing journey it is always good to have a mentor or to consult an energy or Reiki healer, until the healer is confident to apply the practical healing on themselves. Regular chakra cleansing is recommended to keep the energy levels up and to clean the energy field from any entities.

Summing Up

If you possess all or some of these abilities, a career in energy healing might be the perfect choice for you. Get yourself enrolled in a reiki course, in order to receive proper guidance, and start living the life to serve.  Learn more about other services like remote healing and Emotional Freedom Technique.

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