Powerful Reiki Healing Service by Dani

Why Holistic Healing by Dani offers transformational Reiki healing services

Holistic Healing by Dani is owned by Daniela, originally from Vienna, who has been working in the nursing field for over eight years. Daniela is a certified energy healing practitioner and Reiki Master. She offers transformational Reiki healing techniques, intuitive guidance and practical spiritual advice for you to embrace your multidimensional self.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is now being practised worldwide. This energy healing technique has its roots in Japan. This different technique of energy healing uses a divine force to ensure positive effects. The primary aim of Reiki is to make sure that the positive energy levels in the body are restored. When Dani moves her hand over the patient’s body, she is working as a catalyst and is guiding through life force energy to restore and repair the damages in the auric field and to restore the balances in the chakras. Holistic Healing by Dani offers the most transformational Reiki healing services, which helps you to release physical and mental traumas like Anxiety, Depression, stress and much more.

How does a Reiki session look like and what to expect

A typical Reiki session can last around 60-90 minutes with the assessment included. In the very first appointment, you’ll meet with Dani. a Reiki healing practitioner, and you’ll have a short introduction or discussion about the process and your expectations or intentions. Let her know about all the physical or mental discomfort you are facing or any symptoms you want to address for the treatment. Also, let the practitioner know if you have any physical injuries or places that are sensitive to touch. Next, you’ll be asked to lie down on a table or mat. Dani will cover you with a quilt or blanket. Usually, soft, relaxing music will be playing in the background so that you can feel relaxed during the procedure. For the most part, there won’t be any conversational phase during the session, but you can feel free to let your practitioner know if you are feeling uncomfortable or if there’s something to share what you’re experiencing.

To begin with the healing process, Dani will move her hands around or above the body and uses sacred Reiki symbols. You are likely to experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. Some people even report seeing visualizations, such as colours or pictures, or having memories appear in front of them. Try to go with the flow without attaching too much meaning to it. Your experiences may become deeper and clearer the more you continue with Reiki.

Remember that Reiki is a complementary therapy and should be used alongside the primary treatment plan. It can also be used alongside other complementary treatments such as acupuncture, massage, or holistic coaching.