15 Signs You’re A Healer & Don’t Know It

Written by on February 25, 2020

A person who uses holistic approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals is called an energy healer. If you too have been told by others, that it is soothing to be around you or you have felt that you should get into the career of healing, you may be an energy healer by nature.

Here are 15 signs that will help you know that you’re a healer & don’t know it:

1. You feel empathetic

If you feel that the noise, busyness, fast pace, social interactions, violence, greed, and other, worldly negative occurrences leave you exhausted, then chances are you might be a healer. 

2. You are an introvert

If you are a healer, you may have heard time dealing with social situations. Social interactions can drain your energy.

3. You are highly intuitive

Your intuitions are always correct when it comes to decision-making. You just “know” when something feels right or wrong, so you follow your instinct and don’t question it. 

4. You feel a connection with animals

You love spending time with animals, and perhaps this is the reason you are considering to go vegan. 

5. Children love spending time with you

You feel that children are drawn towards you, and you also like spending some quality time. 

6. You can sense people’s emotions

Being able to sense emotions are one of the clearest signs of being a healer. You might have the ability to read someone else just by the emotions on their face or their body language. 

7. You don’t get lost in the details

You focus on the big picture instead of minor, insignificant details. You use the “big picture” thinking to ensure optimal results in each aspect of your life.

8. You like being alone

You are sensitive to the emotions and energies of other people, and enjoy being alone.

9. You can figure out patterns

If you can notice and perceive patterns, this might be a sign of natural energy healing abilities. 

10. You have vivid dreams

Energy healers may have notably vibrant dreams and nightmares. Your hypersensitivity to emotions and energies can often have an insightful effect on your subconscious as you sleep.

11. You are more of a listener than a speaker

You might have noticed that people love having a conversation with you or telling you their stories, even if you don’t speak a word during the whole conversation. 

12. You put the needs of others before yourself

You may often put the need of others before yourself, regardless of the inconvenience or risk of loss for yourself.

13. People turn to you for advice

People are attracted to you for getting advice, guidance, and help in life. This is because you’re likely excellent at guiding others through the ups and downs of life.

14. You can sense changes in weather

You may feel that you can detect changes in the weather sooner than the average person. 

15. You make people happy

When someone is sad, your empathetic instincts can help boost their energy, leaving them feeling happy and healthy.

Summing Up

If you possess all or some of these abilities, a career in energy healing might be the perfect choice for you. Get yourself enrolled in an energy healing course, in order to receive proper guidance, and start living the life to serve. 

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